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Stocking New Ponds

When you're fishing, patience pays off. The same is true in pond stocking. We supply the highest quality, genetically improved fingerling bluegill (northern and coppernose), redear sunfish (shellcracker), and largemouth bass (Northern, Florida, and F1), for stocking new ponds. Where "trophy" bass production is the goal, we offer a number of other species including threadfin shad, gizzard shad, tilapia, crawfish, and golden shiners. Forage species (bluegill, shellcracker, and fathead minnows) are always introduced first; these are typically stocked between the months of (October - April).

Largemouth bass fingerlings

are stocked in the summer, following the introduction of the forage. Prior to stocking a new pond, you should be certain that any standing water is free of undesirable "wild" fish. In some cases, a fish toxicant, called rotenone, must be applied. Generally, ponds which are roughly 25 percent full are suitable for stocking.
Contact Southeastern Pond Management, the pond experts, and let us help you get your pond started off on the right foot.